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FreeAgent Integration with Geckoboard

So we’ve started using Geckoboard at Meanbee to give us a heads up of where we are with regards to the traffic on our various sites and goal conversions in Google Analytics, specifically our new Magento Theme Framework.

As with most businesses, data points key to understanding how well are doing inevitably include our finances. At the office we use FreeAgent to manage our tax returns, client invoicing and auditing our bank statements and are incredibly pleased with it, so I decided to build some cool widgets for Geckoboard using the FreeAgent API.

I’ve made two types of widget: invoice statistics and weekly revenue.

FreeAgent Geckoboard Widget Example FreeAgent Geckoboard Widget Example

The project is hosted on github, so feel free to fork away. If you have any good ideas for additional widgets then let me know and I’ll make them when I have the time, or go ahead and implement them yourself and I’ll merge into the main repository.