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Nick Jones

Product-Focused CTO, Founder,
Software Engineer, Indie Hacker

I'm a generalist

The result of an industry still in its infancy is the speed of change. I’m in my early twenties, yet the advancement in techniques and technologies I’ve seen in my short career is astounding. While it can be overwhelming, I make a point of trying out as much of the stuff I deem interesting, as possible.

I market myself and my company as a Magento Developer, specialising in a small slice of the action; but I have experienced a far larger part of the development spectrum. An important facet, I believe, of any competent developer, web or not.

I try to keep, at least, on the curve to identify improvements that I could bring to my specialisation. Confirming that I’m still using the correct tools for the job is a professional obligation. Trying out something new, and getting the hype behind it is just plain fun - you never know where you might find a use for it.

The result: I’m a generalist. Jack of all trades, master of some. And it’s fine.