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Nick Jones

Product-Focused CTO, Founder,
Software Engineer, Indie Hacker


It's a professional software developer's duty to work on various little things outside of work, isn't it?

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April 2021: Back Git Up
A tool for creating backups of Git repositories held in popular hosted Git services like Github and Bitbucket.


October 2018: Threat Detect
A CSP report analysis tool with Tom.


October 2017: Four Pints In
Started a podcast with Tom and Red where we drink beers and talk tech.
September 2017: Forecast
Worked with Red to build a financial forecasting application for FreeAgent users. Aims to be simple to use and understand.
April 2017: Keycash
Worked with Tom and Moe over the course of 12 months to build a system for the mitigation of risk for merchants when using cash on delivery.
Feburary 2017: Tier12.info
Built a (mostly) client-side app that analyses a Destiny player's gear and finds permutations that provide a total of 12 tiers of stats.


October 2016: Instant Answer: Shopify Order Status App
A basic Shopify app that notifies logged in customer about the status of their latest order.
July 2016: Track SSL API and SSL Library
Created a library for easily reading the contents of an SSL certificate and built a publicly available API to look up SSL certificate information over HTTP.
April 2016: Perf Watch: Monitor frontend performance
An early stage tool to monitor speed index and page weight of a site.
March 2016: Quids: Mondo Mac App (added websocket interface for webhooks)
Helped Red and Hector by creating a service that translates web hook POSTs into web socket messages that can be pushed straight to the Mac App for notifications.


September 2015: Jira issue expander bot for Slack
Small (but useful) bot for Slack that auto expands a Jira issue reference when it's mentioned in a chat. My first shot at golang and, while I didn't use too many of the language's features, really enjoyed it.
April 2015: Hivemind Research
The product of a number of years worth of development. Internet technology research. We have signatures to identify a large number of web applications and services. Crawling millions of sites and storing those results.


November 2014: xbvids: Easy Xbox One Game Clip Sharing
Sharing clips with friends is a pain-in-the-ass. This is a really easy way to get sharing.
October 2014: Kibako: File Sharing
Dropbox-backed file sharing utility.
September 2014: Track SSL: Expiry Notifications
An app that monitors your SSL certificates for validity. Acquired in 2022.
March 2014: Bath Hacked: Crowdsource Bath Parking iOS App
Built a Rails app for the API and a websocket powered dashboard while working with Red Davis attempting to solve Bath's parking situation.


October 2013: Meanbee_CacheViewer
At Mage::Hack 2013 London (which we sponsored) I built a cache viewer and block html cache analyser with Tom and Tomas over a weekend.
September 2013: Mage Config Sync
A method for storing Magento configuration in version control.
September 2013: MageQA
Building on the foundation of some maturing tools for handling Magento (such as MageCI and magerun), a Phing powered build script for testing Magento extensions.
April 2013: Magento the Right Way
A "best practice" guide to Magento. Anyone is free to fork and contribute!
February 2013: Rugby Referee Signals Quiz
A small project, using the World Rugby videos on the signals that referees use, to test people's signal recognition for Rugby Union games.
November 2012: Mage Faker: Fake Data Generator for Magento
Populate your database with dummy customer data.


November 2012: Testrig: Installation Automation for Magento
A tool that allows for the quick set up of multiple versions of Magento for extension testing.
November 2012: Indebted: The Death of Generosity
Debt tracking between friends.
August 2012: Magento Bundled Documentation
This extesion allows for the bundling of documentation along with an extension, which then appears in the System menu in the configuration menu. Supports documentation from multiple extensions.
August 2012: Modbuild
We all use modman to package our Magento extension, and we all hate writing the XML necessary to build a Magento Connect package. This little tool reads your modman file and builds the package.xml automagically.
August 2012: NASA APOD Automatic Wallpaper Changer
I'm a nerd. I like space. Automatically downloads the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day and sets it as my desktop wallpaper.
May 2012: Timeslip Transfer from Codebase to Freeagent
Yeah, not very interesting. This just makes use of the codebase API, along with a configuration file, to transfer timeslips into Freeagent for billing.
April 2012: Drop22: Aggregated Rugby Feeds
Crawl some popular Rugby news sites, analyse which teams they're about, and preset them to users in customised RSS feeds. Just a news aggregator, really.
March 2012: Foursquare Network Scanner with Auto-checkin
I kept forgetting to checkin to Foursquare when I got into work, so I wrote this to do it for me.
Feb 2012: Nyan Unicorn Race -- based on Fitbit step data
'nuff said.


May 2011: An XBOX 360 "Achievement Unlocked" Generator
A tool to build those "Achievement Unlocked" images you say around the Internet. Uses the correct font and everything.
April 2011 (Storm Hack Weekend): Watson
A poor attempt at a Twitter data miner -- we had lots of beer, okay?
February 2011: Arthur, a Lego Mindstorms NXT Robot that follows walls.. kinda
A three week, part-time, attempt to build a robot that can follow walls for a University course on AI. We did all right. We put our source code online at Github.
January 2011: Freeagent Stats for Geckoboard
Having experimented with Geckboard for a while I thought it would be cool to tie in our FreeAgent Central stats some how. It's not pretty, but I've put the source code on Github.